Welcome to Sharlin Health & Neurology, the premiere functional neurology and epilepsy clinic in Ozark, MO. Our epilepsy clinic includes a treatment program that has helped thousands of patients regain a sense of empowerment in their health and renew their quality of life. We provide effective, holistic treatment options for anyone who is struggling with seizures or other epilepsy symptoms, or who is tired of being told that harsh medications are their only choice. When you’re ready for a neurologist who treats you as a whole person and wants to support your healing journey, come to our clinic.

Dr. Ken Sharlin and the entire team at Sharlin Health & Neurology are passionate about supporting our Ozark, MO, epilepsy clinic’s patients in discovering the root cause of their symptoms and giving them tools to thrive again. We offer a wide range of functional neurology services including world-class diagnostics and treatments, including our successful Brain Tune Up! protocol. We utilize things like nutrition, movement, supplements, medications, and clinical modalities to address each patient’s unique symptom patterns and enhance their body’s natural healing abilities.

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At our functional neurology clinic, we have observed many contributing factors to epilepsy and seizure disorders. We also understand that each patient is unique, and we’ll go the extra mile to uncover your health history, lifestyle factors, and other things that could be causing your seizures. We’ll then recommend targeted therapies to address these factors and give you plenty of support along the way! You deserve a great quality of life, and our team is here to guide you toward a brighter future.


Harsh medications, experimental treatments, and conventional symptom management can only get you so far. It’s time to finally address the real cause of your epilepsy and begin to feel hopeful again. Reach out to our functional neurology clinic today and talk to Callie Maggard, our program coordinator, about our epilepsy treatment programs for Ozark, MO, patients. Ask for your free 15-minute phone consultation to get started.

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