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Welcome to the Brain Tune Up! Mini Intensive. This program allows you to receive a comprehensive evaluation with advanced labs and will provide you recommendations to reduce the risk impact severity and/or probability of chronic illness occurrence.

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My program allows you to utilize the most advanced laboratory testing to give you a glimpse into your health’s future. Combine these tests with the expert analysis of my neurological background, my functional medicine team of specialists’ unique experience and training, and now you have a turn-key program that gives you the recommendations you need to help dramatically lower your risks of chronic illnesses.

This plan is for you if:

  • You are strongly self-motivated and prefer a consultation-only approach to functional medicine
  • You want a neurology-specialized medical doctor and his team of experts who can advise you about the root causes of disease
  • You are looking for a personalized care plan with a do-it-yourself turn-key solution
  • You want to explore functional medicine, but you are not ready for the deep dive of the full Brain Tune Up! Intensive
  • You are looking for a preventative strategy to long term brain health

Comprehensive Initial Evaluation

Your initial consultation with Dr. Sharlin and the Brain Tune Up team consists of approximately 75 minutes with the doctor, and an additional 30 minutes with each of the four Brain Tune Up Team members (2 hours total).

Your Brain & Body

Dr. Sharlin and his team will evaluate your current health concerns, and work with you to identify which advanced laboratory tests will be most informative and most actionable.

Advanced Labs

Dr. Sharlin has access to hundreds of specialized laboratory tests, utilizing the most advanced technology, capable of identifying with razor-like precision what needs to be corrected to optimize your future health.

Precision Lifestyle Medicine

As part of your comprehensive functional medicine evaluation you will receive attention in the key focus areas of functional nutrition, mind-body medicine, manual therapy, and functional fitness. Each member of The Brain Tune Up Team will provide personalized recommendations to help you meet your short term and long term health goals.

Your Healthy Brain Toolbox

Your Brain Tune Up! Mini Intensive ends with a comprehensive follow up visit. During this visit, you will have an opportunity to review the pertinent elements of your functional medicine timeline and matrix, understand the results of your advanced laboratory testing, and receive a comprehensive report from Dr. Sharlin and his Brain Tune Up! team that will advise you on a path toward long term brain health.

Shift Into High Gear!

Like what you learned in the Mini Intensive? Ready for more? You will be offered the opportunity to transition from our comprehensive evaluation program into our treatment and management program, the full Brain Tune Up! Intensive. Should you decide to “shift into high gear” any consultation costs you have incurred in the Mini Intensive will be applied to the cost of your full intensive experience.

Understanding Costs

Dr. Sharlin knows that normal working people want to participate in Brain Tune Up! To make Brain Tune Up! accessible to everyone he has partnered with a company called Advance Care. This is a secure, free, on line paperless application process that will give you instant feedback. Through Advance Care you will have the opportunity to spread out the cost of the program over 6 or 12 payments interest free. If you choose to extend your payments beyond this point you only pay interest on the remaining balance.

When you consider the cost of Brain Tune Up! I want you to see what I offer against the backdrop of the hidden costs of our current medical environment and the costs of chronic illness. It is an investment you are making in you, right now, and for your future.

Program cost can range from the base price of $1,035.00 to $2,500.00 depending on how many advance laboratory tests I think would be necessary depending on the complexity of your medical care.

I hope you choose to join us for this life-transforming opportunity.

  • Brain Tune Up! The Intensive
    $$2,500Your Cost
    • The program outlined above is for $2,500. We require payment in advance and insurance is not accepted for this program.


brain tune up! program coordinator

“As program coordinator of Brain Tune Up! I hope you will consider participating in this exciting personalized medicine treatment program that aims to help you remain healthy, functional, and productive and make sure the number of your years are of the highest quality possible.”