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Sharlin Health in Springfield provides natural memory loss treatment  that helps  improve one’s quality of life. DETECT. UNLOCK. IMPROVE – Three steps to reversing memory loss at our Nixa neurology clinic. If you are ready to finally regain your cognitive vitality, we invite you to explore our Brain Tune Up! program for memory loss, created by the renowned Dr. Ken Sharlin.

Results  differ from patient to patient; but for most people, Dr. Sharlins memory loss program in Springfield offers the  following benefits:


  • Increased mood and energy levels
  • Clearer and more precise memory
  • Better planning and problem solving
  • No more confusion or disorientation
  • No more struggling for words or names
  • More confident decision making
  • Returning to more daily activities


Reversing Memory Loss

Upon completion of the Brain Tune Up! program, over 90% of our patients scored higher on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) test.


Improved Health & Function

Every single one of our Brain Tune Up! program patients saw improvement in their Medical Symptoms Questionnaire (MSQ), with an average symptom decrease of 40%.


Zero Experimental Drugs

At our Nixa neurology clinic, we have helped hundreds of people reverse their memory loss and boost their cognition without the need for experimental medication.

Your Health.

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Here at Sharlin Health & Neurology, the leading functional neurology clinic in the Nixa area, we have seen tremendous results from our Brain Tune Up! protocol. This program has proven successful in treating memory loss with modern, holistic neurology principles, outperforming the experimental drugs on the market today.

How does our memory loss program here in Springfield deliver such amazing benefits? Because we get to the root cause of your memory loss issue. We don’t simply give you drugs to mask the symptoms, while the true problem continues to grow. Our neurology team creates a custom plan for each of our patients that can dramatically improve their short-term and long-term health outcomes.

Most of our memory loss patients go through treatment for only six to eight months, but they build habits and skills that will serve the rest of their lives. You deserve to thrive and make the most of the life you’re given. And our Brain Tune Up! program can help you take charge of your future. Here’s how the process works:

  • We begin with initial testing and goal setting to establish your starting point. This includes your health history, neurological exam, and cutting-edge diagnostics to find the correct diagnosis.
  • We’ll optimize your neuroplasticity potential and support your brain’s natural restorative powers.
  • Using laboratory testing, we’ll identify root cause imbalances in things like hormones, nutrients, toxins, antioxidants, and inflammatory markers.
  • Throughout your treatment, we’ll focus on the 6 Pillars of Health Restoration. These are: restore your gut, tame your toxins, reduce your stress, treat your infections, balance your hormones, and mend your mitochondria.

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After working for many years as a conventional neurologist, I noticed that most memory loss patients weren’t getting the right answers and support they needed to reverse their cognitive decline. I became frustrated with the traditional medical approach, and decided I could serve my patients better with a different set of tools. I opened my own functional neurology clinic near Nixa and developed the Brain Tune Up!, which gets to the root cause of cognitive conditions. After seeing great success with this protocol, I have continued to grow and refine my practice to reach more people suffering from memory loss and help them regain their lives.

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