Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Have you been searching for a functional neurologist serving the Ozark area that can help treat your Alzheimer’s disease? Are you ready to halt your cognitive decline and take charge of your health? We welcome you to Sharlin Health & Neurology, home of Dr. Ken Sharlin’s renowned Brain TuneUp! Protocol. Our functional medicine clinic near Springfield near Ozark works with patients all over the world, giving them the tools and support they need to beat diseases like Alzheimer’s. We are here to help you say goodbye to risky experimental drugs and say hello to effective methods that deliver real-life results.

While there are other neurologists near Ozark, we know that you’ll be thrilled you decided to come to our clinic. We do things differently than your average conventional doctor, with cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment plans for Alzheimer’s, along with truly personalized care for each of our patients. We use facets of holistic and functional medicine that allow you to thrive, reversing your cognitive decline with our signature Brain TuneUp! Protocol.

This program has delivered incredible results, and while everyone responds a bit differently, the majority of our Alzheimer’s treatment patients in Ozark have experienced these benefits:

  • Clearer and More Precise Memory
  • Improved Planning or Problem Solving
  • Increased Energy Level & Mood
  • Return To Normal Daily Activities
  • No Longer Feel Disoriented or Confused
  • No Longer Struggle For Right Words
  • No Longer Struggle For Right Names
  • More Confidence In Decision Making

Reversing Memory Loss

Improved Health & Function

Zero Experimental Drugs

If you have been suffering from cognitive decline or have already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, we’re glad you’re here. Dr. Ken Sharlin’s program, the Brain TuneUp! Protocol, has helped patients score higher on their cognitive assessments and see improvement in their medical symptoms questionnaires. Our Alzheimer’s treatment team serving Ozark is here to help you get free from brain fog and memory loss and start to feel sharper, clearer, and happier once again.

Come and learn more about our Alzheimer’s treatment protocol offered to those in the Ozark area by scheduling your free 15-minute phone call today!

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