Are you tired of struggling through your epilepsy symptoms every day? Tired of being told that harsh medications or experimental treatments are your only options? If you’re ready to get off the conventional neurology treadmill and finally get the support you need to heal, Sharlin Health & Neurology is the place for your treatment. As a world-renowned functional neurology clinic, we work with patients from all over, including those seeking treatment in Jefferson City, MO. Our epilepsy clinic helps you get to the bottom of your condition, and give you the tools you need to take charge of your wellness.


Here at Sharlin Health & Neurology, under the leadership of Dr. Ken Sharlin, we are passionate about helping our epilepsy patients achieve real results without the need for harsh drugs or endless, complicated protocols. We believe in root-cause healing, using a range of holistic therapies to detoxify, reduce inflammation, and naturally support brain health. We blend nutrition, supplementation, movement, and clinical modalities for a targeted, customized approach to epilepsy. Our Brain TuneUp! Protocol has delivered amazing results for patients with neurological conditions like epilepsy.

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Epilepsy patients are all unique and different, and there are dozens of potential causes of this condition. We treat each of our patients as individuals, helping uncover the real reasons behind their symptoms. Our staff is truly invested in your wellbeing! If you are looking for holistic, effective treatment in Jefferson City, MO, our epilepsy clinic is only a short drive down away and finally get the support and hope you deserve. We’re here to help you take your life back.


Thousands of people have already seen great results with our Brain TuneUp! Protocol for epilepsy. If you want to explore something besides harsh medications and endless doctor’s visits, reach out to speak with our program coordinator, Callie Maggard. She can answer your questions and make sure our epilepsy treatment protocol is right for you! Get in touch to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation today!

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