The team at our functional neurological disorder (FND) clinic in Nixa, MO, understands the debilitating effects brain fog can have on your daily life. Whether you’re struggling with cognitive function, memory loss, or overall mental clarity, our dedicated team of experts at Sharlin Health & Neurology is here to provide innovative and personalized brain fog treatments that can help you regain control of your cognitive wellness.

We take a holistic approach to addressing brain fog in our Nixa, MO, FND clinic. We understand that each patient’s experience is unique, so our treatments are tailored to your individual needs. Our functional neurology experts combine their extensive knowledge of the nervous system, the brain, and holistic health to offer comprehensive functional neurology treatments for brain fog. Our Nixa, MO FND clinic will utilize the best of modern medicine, including scans and blood tests, along with clinical evaluation, to help you get to the bottom of why you’re feeling foggy or forgetful.


Brain fog is a common and often frustrating condition characterized by a persistent feeling of mental fogginess, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, and a general sense of cognitive impairment. It can result from a variety of factors, including stress, sleep disturbances, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and underlying neurological conditions.

When you come to our Nixa, MO FND clinic, we’ll begin with a thorough assessment of your health history, lifestyle, and symptoms. Our team will conduct various neurological and functional tests to pinpoint the root causes of your brain fog. Based on your evaluation, we will create a personalized treatment plan that targets the specific factors contributing to your brain fog. These functional neurology treatments for brain fog recommended by our Nixa, MO team may include dietary adjustments, supplementation, lifestyle modifications, and other targeted therapies. We’ll help you better understand how sleep, stress, nutrition, and mindset can affect your brain function, and how to best support yourself in healing from brain fog and boosting your vitality.

If you’re tired of feeling trapped in a cloud of mental fog, it’s time to take action. Contact Sharlin Health & Neurology today to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation and begin your path to relief. Reclaim your mental clarity and rediscover your full potential with our personalized functional neurology treatments for brain fog in Nixa, MO. Your journey to a clearer, sharper mind starts here!

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The Brain Tune Up! Protocol is currently treating patients from across the United States and even abroad. We are accommodating and understanding of the travel expenses. Which is why we offer customized care options throughout the program. However, we do require that patients be seen IN-OFFICE at least three times throughout the program.

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