The Bredesen Protocol
Brain Tune Up!

I have integrated Dr. Bredesen’s Protocol for Reversal of Cognitive Decline into my Brain Tune Up! Program to give participants interested in this specific approach a practical way to apply these complex principles in their lives. The ReCODE Protocol is designed to help improve memory in those affected by Alzheimer’s disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Subjective Cognitive Impairment.

Step 1: Read Program Outline Below Thoroughly. Understand the services, protocol, schedule, and costs of the program.

Step 2: Schedule a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation with our program coordinator Callie Maggard who will explain how the program could be a good fit for you and answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Dale Bredesen with Neurologist Dr. Ken Sharlin

In 2016, Dr. Bredesen and his team invited me to the Buck Institute for training in the Bredesen Protocol. I am currently the only neurologist in the world who is functional medicine certified and trained by Dr. Bredesen himself.

All of my neurology experience, functional medicine training and The Bredesen Protocol training has allowed me to develop a unique, integrative approach to conditions affecting the brain, including Alzheimer’s disease. My program has welcomed individuals from around the country who want to take advantage of his proven strategies to impact neurological illness from a root cause level.  Brain Tune Up! has helped individuals return to a healthy, productive life, including the successful treatment Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment using The Bredesen Protocol.  Part of the success of Brain Tune Up! is that we create an effective and manageable strategy to ensure not only do individuals go through the proper steps, but makes sure those steps are attainable and sustainable.

The Bredesen Protocol

The Bredesen Protocol is named after Dr. Dale Bredesen, a physician, neuroscience researcher, and internationally recognized expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.  Currently affiliated with The Buck Institute on Aging and UCLA he is now the Chief Medical Officer of MPI Cognition which has lead the way in the fight to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and reverse early Alzheimer’s disease.

“Everyone knows someone who has survived cancer, but until now no one knows anyone who has survived Alzheimer’s disease.”

– Dr. Dale Bredesen

Brain Tune Up!

Below is an outline of Brain Tune Up! The Complete Program. Giving you the program overview and what you will receive if you choose to join this program. Program costs and enrollment forms follow this section. 

Brain Tune Up! The Complete Program

In-Person Initial Two Day Neurological Evaluation

This is a comprehensive medical review of your condition, your presenting symptoms and current concerns, diagnostic tests and test results, treatments and treatment experiences. A complete neurological examination will be performed. This allows Neurologist Dr. Ken Sharlin to have an “anchoring point” to begin your functional medicine journey.

You will also meet with Cāllie Maggard, Brain Tune Up! Program Coordinator, to answer any questions about your intensive experience and make sure you are fully briefed on your schedule for the two days you spend with us. Over these two days you will receive:

  • Bredesen Protocol Laboratory Testing – Bredesen-compliant laboratory investigations to populate your ReCODE report will be obtained at our office. In general, these laboratory studies require that you arrive at the clinic in a fasted state. Please hydrate well!If you do not know your ApoE status this will be evaluated at low cost through our partner laboratory. Additionally, MRI Brain with NeuroQuant can be arranged, and, if necessary, lumbar puncture to test for amyloid beta 42, the amyloid 42/40 ratio, tau protein, phosphorylated tau, and the amyloid-tau index (ATI). Dr. Bredesen’s protocol requires extensive laboratory testing that is best obtained in two to three visits. Dr. Sharlin has divided the testing into a core laboratory data set that is immediately actionable, followed by one or two additional laboratory draws so that the results can be layered into the treatment plan in a way that is both understandable and manageable. The nature of the ReCODE software is that it can be updated as new information is available.
  • Consultation with Dr. Sharlin – Expect to spend approximately 75 minutes with Dr. Sharlin. Prior to your visit, you will be asked to complete a private, secure cloud-based questionnaire which will be the basis for your discussion with Dr. Sharlin. You will have plenty of time to complete this questionnaire before your visit to Sharlin Health and Neurology. Please allow 2-3 hours. The goal of this part of your visit is to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that uniquely contribute to your condition and have keep you on your current trajectory. Together with Dr. Sharlin you will start to uncover your areas of greatest imbalance. This is your functional medicine timeline and matrix. You will receive a copy of your timeline and functional medicine matrix to take home.
  • Lifestyle Specialist Consultations – As part of your comprehensive evaluation and path toward success you will meet with each of the Brain Tune Up! Professional team members. Dr. Sharlin has hand-picked his team based their track record of success. They will help to highlight your areas of greatest need while providing you with a launching point for success in each of the focus areas. You will receive specific recommendations which may be in the form of printed material, audio, or video recordings that you will bring home with you to continue your practice. You may also be provided with a cutting-edge device from Heartmath that is yours to keep.
    • Angela Jenkins, R.D., 20 years of experience in clinical nutrition consultation
    • Merry Yeager, B.A., L.M.T. specializing in Emotion Code, Heartmath, Massage Therapy, and Health Education.
    • Amy Gordin, Licensed Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer specializing in functional movement and fitness.
    • Chuck Renner, O.T.R., owner of Advantage Therapy, specializing in manual and adjunctive therapies for chronic pain and biomechanical imbalances.
  • Exclusive Access To Nutraceuticals – Practitioner-exclusive pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals are used in Brain Tune Up! A core selection of these products have been specifically chosen to work with the Brain Tune Up! protocol, and will be provided to you as part of your visit to Sharlin Health and Neurology. Additional supplements may be purchased, if desired, from the clinic. Dr. Sharlin will create an account for you in Fullscript, and future supplement needs can be fulfilled through this service and delivered directly to your home.

Concluding Your Initial Two Day Neurological Evaluation

Dr. Sharlin and his entire team of specialists want to make sure your visit to the clinic has been truly rewarding and you are armed with the tools you need for lasting change. The conclusion of this will consist of a brief review with Cāllie Maggard, Brain Tune Up! Program Coordinator, so that you are scheduled for your next steps with us.

On-Site or Virtual Follow Up (3 to 4 Weeks Later)

You will be scheduled for follow up approximately 3-4 weeks after your visit to Sharlin Health and Neurology. In preparation for this visit you will receive a copy of your test results. If you live within a 3-hour drive from Ozark, Missouri, it is Dr. Sharlin’s preference to visit with you in person. However, because many of our patients come from a far distance it is possible to visit by telephone, Facetime, or Skype. During your follow up, Dr. Sharlin will go over your laboratory test results and your lifestyle specialist recommendations. Based on your results and your progress he will provide specific recommendations to assist you toward your goal. Upon the conclusion of your visit (within 1 week) these recommendations will be provided in writing to you, and in some cases additional audio or video recordings may also be prepared to assist you on your journey.

The Next 5 to 7 Months of Program

Diving Deeper Into Your Personalized Plan

IFM-certified neurologist Dr. Ken Sharlin will dive deeper into your personalized plan over the next 5 to 7 months. This plan is based on your condition, and your specific areas of imbalance identified in your timeline, matrix, and laboratory testing. You can expect to receive the following over this course of time:

  • Meetings With Dr. Sharlin – Five (5) one-on-one visits with neurologist Dr. Ken Sharlin.
  • Brain Tune Up! Labs – Follow up Brain Tune Up! labs. We repeat the key laboratory studies that were imbalanced at baseline so that we can track your progress and make strategic adjustments. At additional cost, further laboratory testing is optional, and will be discussed with you before ordering.
  • Focused Speciality Meetings – Two and a half hours in each of the Brain Tune Up! Focus Areas:
    • Functional Nutrition (2 1/2hrs)
    • Mind-Body Medicine (2 1/2hrs)
    • Manual Therapy (2 1/2hrs)
  • Personal Training Sessions – our (4) personal training sessions aimed at improving movement, strength, and mobility at Sessions Fitness.
  • Supplement Bank – $800 in pharmaceutical grade supplements (retail value), chosen by Dr. Sharlin, as the key supplements you need to heal your brain.
  • Heartmath – Included in your Brain Tune Up! experience. You will receive this cutting-edge technology to optimize your brain, reduce your stress, improve focus, and help you attain better sleeping habits.
  • The Living Matrix – Access to the Living Matrix which infuses the power of modern technology into the functional medicine timeline and functional medicine matrix.
  • Outcome Tracking – A variety of outcome tracking tools are used to help make sure you are getting the results you want.
  • Food Plan – The Brain Tune Up! food plan includes all educational materials, recipes, and weekly planners.
  • Brain Tune Up! Community – Access to our private Facebook page, moderated by Dr. Sharlin, where all members can share experiences and ideas, including key articles to broaden your education in functional medicine.
  • Loved Ones – Your spouse or partner can accompany you to all Brain Tune Up! visits. We want you to be successful and the best way to accomplish that goal is for your life-partner to be there with you.
Program Investment

Program Investment: $10,000

The Bredesen Protocol is a Premium Option that is added to the Brain Tune Up! Program for an additional $3000. This added cost is an approximation and is based on the independent pricing of laboratory studies recommended by Dr. Dale Bredesen, including the Cyrex Array 2, 3, and 20, Quicksilver Scientific toxic metals studies, mold analysis, additional micronutrient profiles not typically performed in our Brain Tune Up! Alzheimer’s Intensive, and hormone testing. In some cases, for tracking purposes, these tests may need to be repeated. The shorter Brain Tune Up! Intensive programs are not suitable for those interested in the Bredesen Protocol.

When you participate in Brain Tune Up! you are making an investment in you.  Many people ask why we are not able to accept insurance for our functional medicine program?  It is because the current healthcare system is designed for the diagnosis and management of illness, not the care of a unique person.  (You.)  It does not consider the time involved in our approach.  (We take much longer than your usual doctor appointment.)  It is not set up to evaluate the factors that contribute to why we get sick in the first place.  (It focuses on making the diagnosis, not exploring the causes.)  Unfortunately, functional medicine approaches cannot be translated into the rules practitioners are required to follow in an insurance-based economy to make sure their services are reimbursed.  In short, we could not be paid for our efforts, and as a result we could not have a program to help you.

At Sharlin Health and Neurology we ask you to do something difficult when it comes to seeing a doctor.  We ask you to pay for your care, and this is something most of us are not accustomed to doing up front.  But for anyone who has used our current healthcare system for tests, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits, or to purchase medications, visit a specialist, and go to rehab therapy you know that even with insurance healthcare has a high out-of-pocket cost.  There are deductibles, copays, and limits to coverage that add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a lifetime.  In reality, the cost of Brain Tune Up! is less than 1% of what a couple who retires today can expect to pay for healthcare, and this does not include the cost of long term care.

Dr. Sharlin has earned the trust of thousands of patients and professional colleagues over the years.  He can help you.  Brain Tune Up! is a proven system.  The program cost is $10,000.  For your investment, you will receive all the services outlined above this section, and because you are investing in your health it is our aim to lower the cost of your future healthcare needs.  In effect, Brain Tune Up! has the potential to pay for itself many times over.

We know that normal working people want to participate in Brain Tune Up! To make the program accessible to everyone Dr. Sharlin has partnered with a company called Advance Care. This is a secure, free, on-line paperless application process that will give you instant feedback. Through Advance Care you will have the opportunity to spread out the cost of the program over 6 or 12 payments interest free. If you choose to extend your payments beyond this point you only pay interest on the remaining balance.

From Dr. Sharlin, “I sincerely hope you join us for this life-changing experience.”

Schedule Free

Your first step is to schedule a free 15-minute telephone consultation with Callie Maggard, Brain Tune Up! Program Coordinator. Please select the time you can be reached by telephone and complete the form afterwards. These steps are critical! Because of the high volume of interest, we are unable to answer your calls or questions until you have scheduled through this process and completed the intake form.

Brain Tune Up Coordinator
Program Coordinator: Callie Maggard“Thank you for your interest in our program. I look forward to speaking with you about your health conditions and how our program could potentially help change the trajectory of your health.”

My program accepts out-of-state patients. Brain Tune Up! is a 5-8 month program. In order to be accepted into my program my team and I have to see you for the two-day initial neurological evaluation in-person, but we then can customize the rest of the program in a virtual setting for patients who are traveling from far distances. This will be explained when you schedule a telephone consultation.

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