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If you ever wake up feeling like you ran a marathon the day before, but all you did was sit at your desk or run your usual errands, it’s time to make an appointment to see a neurologist near Springfield. For those who experience chronic muscle pain or achiness, there is usually an underlying inflammatory condition that should be treated. Our clinic takes a holistic approach to treating inflammation here in Springfield. While there are many different potential causes of muscle aches or soreness, many of them can be dramatically improved with the right functional medicine approach. From autoimmune conditions and viral infections, to nutritional deficiencies and neurological tension, we’ll help you uncover the root cause of your suffering.

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At our Springfield clinic, we offer inflammation treatment that will help you move with ease and improve the quality of your life. Living with any kind of chronic pain can be incredibly limiting to your life and can affect your mental and emotional well-being too. If muscle aches and pains have kept you from doing the activities you enjoy, the staff at Sharlin Health & Neurology is here to help. We’re proud to offer holistic muscle ache treatment near Springfield, and the surrounding areas, and we have the tools and therapies that can get you back on your feet again. Don’t let your aches and pains run your life any longer- come to our clinic and let us put you on the road to recovery!

We offer chronic pain treatment at our Springfield clinic to help get your life back on track so that you can resume your favorite activities! Using a well-rounded treatment plan that includes targeted nutrition, supplementation, hands-on therapies, and other complementary techniques, Dr. Sharlin and his team can give you the tools and confidence that you need to take your life back. Ready to learn more about our Springfield muscle ache treatment options? Please contact us if you would like more information about our inflammation treatment services here in Springfield, or if you would like to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

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The Brain Tune Up! Protocol is currently treating patients from across the United States and even abroad. We are accommodating and understanding of the travel expenses. Which is why we offer customized care options throughout the program. However, we do require that patients be seen IN-OFFICE at least three times throughout the program.

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