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Are you ready to move beyond your average workout with average results? Are you looking for optimal results for your body and your brain?

Sharlin Health NeuroFitness believes fitness is for every BODY and puts science and health at the center of creating customized fitness programming for people who want more than the workout of the day. By utilizing emerging science, innovative technology, and individualized solutions we provide medical fitness to create sustainable change and redefine results for life.

Why medical fitness?

Medical fitness is the synergy of exercise and healthcare together. On the surface, the workouts may look familiar. But our programs go deeper. At Sharlin Health Neuro Fitness, we have a 10-point framework that goes beyond weight loss and targets deep health goals like posture, range of motion, cognitive capacity, and stamina.

You don’t just get a trainer, you get a team.

Your experience starts with a plan designed by our Medical Fitness Director, Pamela Hernandez, who has over a decade of experience in functional fitness. To that foundation, we add the input of one of the world’s few functional medicine-certified neurologists. You’ll also have access to our team of dietitians and health coaching.

What we do

The five critical steps are our UNIQUE 5 PILLAR SYSTEM proven to help you.



It’s critical to take the time to understand a client and their unique needs. Every BODY is different so the plan starts understanding where you are, what you need, and what success looks like to you.



Functional medicine as all about addressing the root cause. This isn’t about a generic prescription to “exercise more” or follow the workout of the day. With the team, we can gather the data needed to develop the appropriate plan for you. Then we can work together to develop a pragmatic and executable plan and set goals that are meaningful and measurable.



The journey may start with movement but then you can expand to working with a dietitian, a health coach, and Dr. Sharlin. You’ll have access to tools to track your progress, communicate with Pamela and get support via online communities and challenges.



By meeting you where you are, we can work to restore strength and functional movement for a solid foundation. With the right tests and tools, we can strengthen weak links and more easily remove the limiting factors that keep you from getting the results you want.


REGENERATE your brain and body

Movement supports the restoration of brain health and function to help create your best self. With the right combination of physical and mental work, we can improve your brain “hardware” and upgrade your brain “software”.

Pamela Hernandez

Medical Fitness Director

Medical Fitness Director, Pamela Hernandez, is an ACSM and ACE certified fitness professional with a holistic and realistic approach to fitness and wellness.

“I know that everyone can change and no one is beyond help. My mission is to start where you are in order to help build you up, not break you down.”

Sharlin Health Neuro Fitness

Lifestyle factors are both a root cause and a critical part of the solution for healing and long-term health. If you’ve been looking for an integrative approach to your wellness journey or interested in trying a functional medicine approach to health, Sharlin Health Neuro Fitness might be the perfect place to start.

If you’re ready for workout experience designed to give you optimal results for your brain and your body, fill out this form or give us a call today.

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