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Exercise is the #1 lifestyle strategy to improve memory loss and protect the aging brain.

Exercise has a positive effect on every one of the functional biological systems – assimilation, defense & repair, biotransformation & elimination, transport, energy and communication. Exercise is also one of the most effective treatments we have for everything from high blood pressure to depression.

In other words, movement is medicine. If you’re not sure what the right dose is for you, you’re invited to learn more about Sharlin Health Neuro Fitness.

What is Neuro Fitness?

Neuro Fitness is an exercise solution for people experiencing fatigue, brain fog and loss of strength and balance. Medical Fitness Director, Pamela Hernandez, has developed our signature Neuro Fitness assessment to measure both functional fitness as well as neuro-specific measures like motor control and processing speed. Using the information from the Neuro Fitness assessment, she will develop an exercise plan that starts where you are to help you achieve your goals.

You don’t just get a trainer, you get a team.

Sharlin Health Neuro Fitness is the intersection of functional fitness and functional medicine. During the initial free consultation, your Neuro Fitness assessment or at any point in your journey, you can get connected with the team of experts at Sharlin Health and Neurology. From Heart Math to going gluten-free to a complete Brain Tune-Up, we’ve got you covered.

The Neuro Fitness Protocol

Identify and Investigate

Developed by Medical Fitness Director and functional fitness expert, Pamela Hernandez, the Neuro Fitness assessment is designed to measure functional movement patterns and neuro-specific measures like cognitive abilities and motor skills. By identifying areas of dysfunction and investigating your unique needs, we can develop a program for your wellness goals using Neuro Fitness programming.

Level 1 – Restore

Neuro Fitness programming starts with restoring the cracks in your functional foundation. Even experienced exercisers often need to address one of the Key Corrections of Neuro Fitness level 1: posture, core, lower body strength and balance. Along with aerobic exercise, level 1 can go a long way towards reaping results and moving with more ease.

Level 2 – Rebuild

Neuro Fitness level 2 is about adding more strength training to your plan using functional training principles. Functional strength training is not about exercising just for the sake of exercising. It’s an exercise program designed to help you move better in the world, feel stronger and have more energy.

Level 3 – Regenerate

While all levels of Neuro Fitness incorporate cognitive ability training, Neuro Fitness level 3 adds advanced exercises and training techniques along with next-level neuro challenges. With higher intensity training and more complex multimodal exercises, you’ll not only get the best results for today but you’ll be building reserves for tomorrow.

Pamela Hernandez

Medical Fitness Director

Medical Fitness Director, Pamela Hernandez, is an ACSM and ACE certified fitness professional with a holistic and realistic approach to fitness and wellness.

“I know that everyone can change and no one is beyond help. My mission is to start where you are in order to help build you up, not break you down.”

Sharlin Health Neuro Fitness

If you need a practical program to help you move with more ease, manage fatigue and banish brain fog, Neuro Fitness is for you. If you’re new to exercise but find you cannot do all the things you used to do, Neuro Fitness is for you. If you’re concerned about mild cognitive decline or you’ve been recently diagnosed with a neurological condition like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, Neuro Fitness is for you.

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