Chronic Numbness and Tingling Treatment

Many people suffer from chronic numbness or tingling in their extremities, or other parts of their bodies, and this can be quite uncomfortable. When there is a disturbance in the nerve signaling, whether that’s from pressure, disease, or something else, it can reduce sensation in the downstream area. For most, that’s in the feet and legs, or perhaps in the fingers and hands, as our limbs tend to be most affected. However, some people experience numbness and tingling on their face, torso, or other areas. No matter what part of your body is impacted, you’ve come to the right place. Sharlin Health & Neurology is one of the leaders in chronic numbness and tingling treatment near Springfield.

Regain Feeling and Control Again

There are dozens of potential causes of tingling and numbness, from abnormal vitamin and mineral levels, to serious diseases like multiple sclerosis. In order to best understand your unique condition, we invite you to come and see our team at Sharlin Health & Neurology. When you come to us, you’ll receive a full workup, and access to cutting-edge diagnostic technology, so we can get to the bottom of your condition. From there, you’ll receive a personalized treatment plan, and ongoing support, so you can regain as much feeling and function as possible.

If you’ve been searching for chronic numbness and tingling treatment near Springfield, our doors are always open. We’ll take good care of you from the moment you walk in, and we pride ourselves in helping patients like you, feel empowered and in control of their medical care.

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The Brain Tune Up! Protocol is currently treating patients from across the United States and even abroad. We are accommodating and understanding of the travel expenses. Which is why we offer customized care options throughout the program. However, we do require that patients be seen IN-OFFICE at least three times throughout the program.

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