New Functional Medicine Treatment Options near Springfield, MO

For the very first time we are allowing patients the opportunity to schedule a 30 minute functional medicine examination with Dr. Sharlin. This will allow you the chance to gain a better understanding of how functional medicine treatment could potentially provide Springfield, MO patients with better results for their health. To schedule please submit a form request or call us today to schedule.

Initial Functional Medicine Consultations near Springfield, MO


Visits exceeding 30 minutes will be billed in 15 minute increments at a rate of $75/15 minutes.

Outline Of Consultation

The initial functional medicine consultation is an opportunity to meet with Dr. Sharlin and his staff near Springfield, MO, and become familiar with our process. Patients can have questions answered, and get a better idea of how our solutions will solve their unique neurological problems. Recommendations may be made for laboratory tests, supplements, and a long range plan as to how we can help. We understand that Brain Tune Up is a big commitment, and while our results speak for themselves, we also recognize that individuals may want the opportunity to meet Dr. Sharlin in person first. This evaluation is the initial step on the healing journey.

Please Complete Form – Once Received Our Team Will Contact You.