Speaker Dr. Ken Sharlin
Neurologist Dr. Ken Sharlin

Feb 07 - 09, 2019

Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module 2019 (APM)

Atlanta, Georgia United States Of America
Organized by: The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)
Specialties: Cardiology | Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes

Alzheimer's Disease-Related Dementias Summit 2019

March 14 -15, 2019

 2019 Symposium on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias

Ft. Myers, Florida United States
Organized by: Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center in partnership with Florida Gulf Coast University
Dr. Sharlin’s Speaking Topic: Reversal of Cognitive Decline-The Science, The Tools, and The Transformation

Age Management Medicine Group

April 11-14, 2019

26th Clinical Applications For Age Management Medicine Conference

Miami, FL United States
Organized by: Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG)

The Wahls Protocol Seminar & Retreat

July 24-27, 2019

The Wahls Protocol Seminar & Retreat

Cedar Rapids, IA United States
Organized by: Dr. Terry Wahls & The Wahls Protocol
Dr. Sharlin Speaking Topic:“How to I Stop Your Disease-Modifying Therapy Using the Wahls Protocol,” and “Reversal of Cognitive Decline.”


August 15-18, 2019

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference

San Diego, CA United States
Organized by: Integrative Medicine for Mental Health
Dr. Sharlin Speaking Topic: “Reversal of Cognitive Decline.”


Protect Against Coronavirus: Doing our Part to Help you

In these difficult times we want to share with you some brief bullet-points about Sharlin Health and Neurology and COVID-19:
  • First and foremost, we want you to know that the safety and well-being of each and every one of you is number one importance to us. If you have a chronic lung condition or another health reason that would make you susceptible to the more severe effects of the coronavirus, we want you to stay at home.
  • Sharlin Health and Neurology is considered an “essential” business because we provide critically needed care to those with neurological disease in our community. Despite the threat of the coronavirus conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, seizures, migraine, MS, and other neurological diseases do not go away. We are a privately-owned neurology practice here to serve our community.
  • We follow all CDC guidelines for protection against the dissemination of coronavirus. There have not been any known cases of coronavirus in our office, among staff and those customers who have entered our door. 
  • We have six available exam rooms in our clinic and every effort will be made to prevent patients from having to stay in our waiting room. We can move you quickly from the reception desk to a private exam room, and have the doctor meet you there.
  • If you are sequestered at home, it may be possible to visit with you by telemedicine. We have the capability of using a telemedicine portal though the smart phone or computer that is HIPAA compliant and allows us to see you and speak with you. Alternatively, we can speak by telephone. Please ask our receptionist.
  • If you do come to our clinic for a doctor visit or a need a test please do not touch any surfaces you can avoid touching, and come by yourself or – if you do need to have someone with you – have them bring you to the door and we will help you from that point. If they wait in their vehicle, we can call them when you are finished.
  • If you have had contact with a person with known or suspected COVID-19, have had contact with a person coughing or with fever in the past 14 days, or you yourself have a fever, cough, or runny nose in the past 14 days, please let us know and we will either reschedule you or schedule you a telemedicine visit. 

If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19 please reach out to your nearest medical center. We will not be testing patients at Sharlin Health and Neurology. 

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