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hen you are dealing with neurological symptoms, it can be scary and confusing. It can be challenging knowing where to get the kind of care you need in order to take charge of your health. Thankfully, there are neurology clinics like ours serving the Lebanon, Missouri, area, ready to give you the knowledge and tools to help you feel your best. Sharlin Health & Neurology near Springfield provides the best of functional medicine and traditional neurological care, helping patients like you from all over the world. Stop waiting for months to get in to see a doctor, only to spend 10 minutes with them and leave with more questions than you arrived with. Come to our clinic and experience the world-class personalized care you deserve.

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Neurological Conditions Treatment Springfield Missouri

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Dr. Ken Sharlin, along with our entire team of neurological care and functional medicine specialists serving Lebanon, is here to get to the root cause of your symptoms and create a tailored path toward vitality. We don’t use temporary fixes here in our clinic, but take our time to uncover the real reasons why you’re feeling the way you are. Using our cutting-edge diagnostics, we can learn how to best support your unique body and brain, through nutrition, medication, supplementation, exercises, and more. Our Brain Tune Up! Protocol and other treatment programs are designed to improve your health outcomes through detoxification, lowering inflammation, and nourishing the brain. We’re here to give you the tools and personalized support you need to reclaim your life and even reverse your chronic disease.

Traditional Neurology and Functional Medicine serving Lebanon, MO

We work with a wide range of patients with conditions like MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy, along with many more with symptoms like chronic pain, dizziness, and brain fog. We’re known as one of the best neurology clinics serving the Lebanon area, for our amazing patient success stories and therapeutic outcomes. Our team will get to know your history, lifestyle, and health goals, so we can support you in the best way and lead you toward a life of hope, health, and happiness!

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