What Is

The Wahls Protocol?

The Wahls Protocol, named for Dr. Terry Wahls, is a functional medicine-oriented approach to treating multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune conditions. It emphasizes specific nutritional strategies, movement, and stress-reducing practices with targeted supplementation to reverse the course of these chronic diseases.

The Wahls Protocol gained international attention when Dr. Wahls addressed an audience in Iowa City as part of a 2011 independent TED Symposium.  Her talk, Minding Your Mitochondria, is available on Youtube.com and to date has drawn over 2.5 million viewers.  A book by a similar name (Minding My Mitochondria) has also been published.  However, Dr. Wahls’ best-selling book The Wahls Protocol stands as her magnum opus and has attracted thousands of followers around the world who refer to themselves as Wahls Warriors.

The inspiration for The Wahls Protocol came from her own life experience when, after several years of waxing and waning symptoms, Dr. Wahls was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Despite a career in academic medicine at the University of Iowa, and access to the best conventional medical doctors and treatments, by 2006 her condition declined the point that she was restricted to a wheelchair.  She tried the Paleo Diet, and by chance, after she discovered the principles of Functional Medicine, through research and self-experimentation, she perfected what is known today as The Wahls Protocol.  She is now ambulatory and able to ride her bicycle 20 miles.  Dr. Wahls spreads her message of therapeutic lifestyle medicine through her book, speaking engagements, clinical research, and her practice at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Iowa City.   Dr. Wahls also holds a faculty position with The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Wahls Protocol
Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Ken Sharlin is the only M.D. in the world to be a Wahls Protocol Certified Health Professional

I was a key speaker at the 2016 Wahls Seminar held in Cedar Rapids, IA, in August 2016.  My writing has also been published on Dr. Wahls’ website.[1]  Dr. Wahls and I share a friendship, as well as a similar philosophy and approach to Functional Medicine.  Participants in Brain Tune Up!  can be reassured of a 100% Wahls-compliant experience.  Brain Tune Up! provides the opportunity to take Functional Medicine to the next level through personalization, advanced laboratory testing, therapeutic technology, outcome tracking, and the support of Dr. Sharlin and his entire Brain Tune Up! Team.


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