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Dr. Ken Sharlin

Welcome to Sharlin Health and Neurology near Springfield where we offer patients with advanced neurological treatment programs for illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, MS, and more. I call my program Brain Tune Up! Instead of just treating symptoms, I use functional medicine principles to identify and treat disease at its roots. Are you ready to change the trajectory of your health?

Functional Medicine Protocol Brain Tune Up!


Alzheimer's Disease Treatment United States

Alzheimer’s Disease

Advanced Treatment

Discover how our protocol can drastically improve the overall health of those suffering from early stage Alzheimer’s Disease or help you reduce the odds of having Alzheimer’s disease as you age.



Advanced Treatment

We have helped those suffering with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis to improve strength, energy, and extend their overall quality of life. Brain Tune Up offers hope that those suffering with ALS.


Chronic Migraine

Advanced Treatment

Do you suffer from chronic migraine? Discover how our protocol can help you with this condition. Brain Tune Up! give you the tools to take back your health and enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

Fibromyalgia Treatment


Advanced Treatment

Fibromyalgia is a common condition and you deserve our attention. Learn how our protocol could improve your life if you are suffering from this condition.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis

Advanced Treatment

Discover how our neurological treatment programs near Springfield can help you decrease the chance of flare ups from MS, improve energy, and give you the mobility and active lifestyle that you deserve.

Parkinson's Disease Treatment Program

Parkinson’s Disease

Advanced Treatment

Learn how our Brain Tune Up! protocol can help those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Quality of life improvements include increased energy and mobility.

it’s time to change the trajectory of your health!

As the country’s first practicing neurologist to be certified by The Institute for Functional Medicine I have carefully curated my team of Springfield specialists to develop my neurological treatment program called The Brain Tune Up! I am excited to offer patients a higher level of expertise by combining the best of neurology with functional medicine to address disease at its roots. If you want to move beyond an approach to your condition that focuses on symptoms or involves medications that suppress illness only if medication is used, then functional medicine is for you. Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease. Functional medicine focuses on what makes you unique. It addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Functional medicine is the real healthcare of the 21st century.

this is the most
powerful tool
to transform
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Based on the principles of functional medicine I have developed a neurology-specific, comprehensive program to help you re-direct your life toward a trajectory of health called Brain Tune Up!

Brain Tune Up! Intensive is a comprehensive functional neurology treatment program for patients across Springfield, not a “one-off” visit to the doctor. Brain Tune Up! utilizes the tools of functional medicine, including The Functional Medicine Timeline, The Functional Medicine Matrix, Therapeutic Lifestyle Medicine, advanced laboratory testing, pharmaceutical-grade supplementation, Cutting-edge Technology, and a team of specialists who have the knowledge and experience to guide you on your journey.

Our Neurological Treatment Programs near Springfield Are For You If:

  • If you suffer from multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, migraine, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, and even Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
  • If you are affected by neurological symptoms like numbness, weakness, pain, fatigue, memory loss, incoordination or imbalance.
  • If you are looking for more than a pill.
  • If you are looking for someone with the right qualifications: A medical school graduate (M.D) with experience in direct patient care, a state license to practice medicine, and certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (APBN).
  • If you want a doctor who knows how to address the root causes of disease, not just treat the symptoms or manage the disease.
  • If you want a doctor who has ability to integrate traditional medical care and all of its tools with the skills and mindset of functional medicine.
  • If you want a doctor who makes your personalized care the ultimate goal.
  • If you are affected by brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve, or a muscle condition re-direct your life toward a trajectory of health.

meet neurologist dr. ken sharlin

don’t you deserve a better doctor?

“Functional medicine embraces all that I believe in. It gives shape and definition to a previously poorly articulated reason that I went to medical school to become a doctor. With functional medicine I have found my purpose. It is not only “medicine that makes sense,” according to Dr. Mark Hyman, it is medicine that connects mind, body, and spirit. It helps each of us find the imbalances that have tipped the trajectory of our lives down the road of chronic disease, and guides each one of us individually, personally, by helping to re-map and re-route our course back toward health and vitality.”