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Sharlin Health & Neurology in Rolla, MO


elcome! Are you ready for a different kind of neurology care? Are you tired of waiting months to get in to see a doctor? Come visit us at Sharlin Health and Neurology! We are the premier functional neurology clinic serving the Rolla community, and we’re here to deliver the standard of care you deserve. We combine the best aspects of traditional, functional, and holistic neurology, giving you the greatest number of diagnostic and treatment options. We dive deep with our patients, uncovering the root cause behind their suffering and providing a personalized plan for recovery. If you have been dealing with symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, or migraines, or have a condition like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or MS, you will find hope and healing here.

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Your Health.

Neurological Conditions Treatment Springfield Missouri

Customized Treatment Plans

Instead of being shuttled from doctor to doctor or wasting your time with ineffective treatments, let our team take good care of you. Our health professionals, under the guidance of Dr. Ken Sharlin, will get to know you and your unique symptoms, putting our world-class diagnostics to good use. Based on your individual needs, we’ll design a treatment plan including the best nutritional guidance, medications, supplements, exercises, and other therapies for you. We’re here to empower you and build your confidence in taking care of yourself, so you can regain function, reverse your cognitive decline, and feel strong and steady again. With our help, you can nourish your brain, detoxify your body, lower your inflammation, and reclaim your life.

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If you have been looking for a functional medicine doctor you can trust in the Rolla area, we invite you to come see our team of professionals at Sharlin Health and Neurology near Springfield. Our clinic is known worldwide for our patient success stories, especially using our Brain Tune Up! and other treatment plans. We’re here to maximize your potential for healing and give you the tools and encouragement you need to feel your best.

Get off the treadmill of conventional neurology treatment and give our neurology clinic near Rolla a call today. Ask for your complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation to begin.

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If you have additional questions or you would like to learn more about Sharlin Health & Neurology, contact our office at 417-485-4330 or complete this form and we will get in touch soon!

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