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elcome! Have you been searching high and low for the best neurology clinics near St. Louis, but haven’t found the one you can trust to give you the care you deserve? At Sharlin Health & Neurology near Springfield, we combine functional medicine and traditional neurology, giving our patients the widest range of tools for recovery. In a conventional neurology setting, most patients wait for months to be seen, only to have the doctor spend a few minutes in the exam room, and often leave the patient with more questions than they came in with. If this sounds familiar, and you’re ready for something new, our team of friendly professionals is here for you! We have experience treating a range of conditions and symptoms, such as Alzheimer’s disease, MS, ALS, migrains, brain fog, epilepsy, and more.

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We pride ourselves not only on our personalized care and short wait times, but also our innovative approach to diagnostics and treatment. Our functional medicine doctor will get to the bottom of what’s causing your suffering and customize a plan to support you in lowering your inflammation, nourishing your brain, detoxing your body, and finding balance in life. We aim to make our patients feel confident in taking charge of their well-being through our Brain TuneUp! Protocol and other therapeutic programs. Our team of friendly, experienced healthcare professionals, under the leadership of Dr. Sharlin, is here to give you the knowledge, tools, and encouragement you need to reclaim your life and reverse your cognitive decline!

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There are many reasons why Sharlin Health & Neurology is known across the world, and our positive patient outcomes are just one of them. Because we take the time to truly understand you, we can maximize your healing potential using the best nutrition, medications, supplements, exercises, and clinical therapies available.

When you are ready to step off the conventional medical treadmill and actually see some results, we welcome you to our Springfield neurology clinic, serving clients in St. Louis. Reach out to schedule your free 15-minute consultation today!

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