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elcome to Sharlin Health & Neurology, your trusted functional neurology clinic serving the Willard community. If you are tired of the long wait times and impersonal care of most conventional neurology offices, our clinic offers a breath of fresh air. We do things differently here, taking time to truly get to know you and your conditions, dig deep with our diagnostics, and create a personalized treatment plan that supports your healing path. We are lucky to work with patients who travel from all over the world to work with us, and we know you’ll be happy you chose our clinic too. Under the guidance of Dr. Ken Sharlin, our team of neurology professionals is here to make you feel heard and comfortable from the moment you walk through our doors. If you are dealing with any kind of neurological symptom, from migraines and seizures to brain fog and memory loss, you’ll get the care you deserve with us.

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Holistic Treatment Plans

Compared to many other neurologists in Willard and throughout the country, our clinic stands apart for our short wait times and holistic treatment plans. We believe in getting to the root cause of your conditions and equipping you with the tools and therapies your body needs to get back on track. Through our protocols, such as the Brain Tune Up! Protocol, you’ll feel empowered to lower your inflammation, nourish your brain, slow your aging, and even reverse your cognitive decline. We’ve had great success with patients just like you, in improving health outcomes even in cases of serious conditions like ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more. With our help, you can feel calm and confident again, and take your well-being into your own hands with a clear, accessible treatment plan.

Traditional Neurology and Functional Medicine in Willard, MO

Sharlin Health & Neurology has earned our reputation as the best neurologist serving the Willard area. Our blend of functional medicine and traditional therapeutics allows us to treat the whole person, not just chase symptoms, and this has afforded our patients better success than most conventional approaches. We use targeted nutrition and supplementation, medications, movement, and clinical therapies to pave the path toward true healing.

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