Dr. Sharlin — A Neurologist near Springfield — Responds: Is Bioengineered Food Bad For You?

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Facebook comment:

There is no such thing as commercially available genetically modified wheat.  This is just “fear-mongering.”

Dr. Sharlin responds:

Is GMO good for you? As a top neurologist near Springfield, Dr. Sharlin says: to suggest, by extension, that we are being fear mongered by an agenda-driven cohort to be concerned about the food we eat is as much an attempt at disinformation for marketing purposes as anything else. The fact is that numerous commonly grown and consumed crops are genetically modified. These include current Roundup Ready soy, corn, canola, alfalfa, cotton (of course not eaten by humans, but worn nevertheless), and sorghum, with wheat under development. What we routinely fail to take into account is that 1. We live in an ecosystem that depends upon balance. Our attempts to control or modify that ecosystem has created unanticipated disaster time and again. 2. That food is information to our cells all the way down to the level of our genomes. To think our DNA and the rest of our cells are impervious to genetic modification even as far as insertion of DNA fragments in our native DNA or the circulation of cell free DNA is without insight. Finally, the sheer volume and diversity, and interaction, of toxins introduced into our environment is difficult to measure, but surely inconsistent with our biological evolutionary status (not to mention the rest of the living things on the planet and the parts of the planet that support life).


Ken Sharlin, M.D.

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