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When health challenges stand in the way of the life you want, are you prepared to face that hurdle on your own? When your brain or body is not working the way it should, are you able to get yourself back on track without help? Have you read countless books about health and well-being, but instead of making practical changes, are you overwhelmed with information?

You are not alone. Basketball players need coaches. Tennis and golf players need coaches. As we move through life, many of us need coaches, too.

Wellness and lifestyle experts can equip you with personalized actions, tips, and insights that you can use to overcome challenges, build long-term resilience, and thrive. They can guide you through your problems so you can reach your goals and enjoy a better quality of life.

At Sharlin Health and Neurology, I help clients manage their chronic disease, but it isn’t all about bloodwork and examination results. Instead, our goal is to bring you back to a state of mind and body wellness, redirect the trajectory of your health, and help you feel optimistic about your future.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a wellness professional that helps you achieve fulfillment and satisfaction. They can support you through obstacles, help you identify your goals, and shape strategies you can use to build the lifestyle you want.

Life coaching is a highly personalized process that caters to your specific circumstances, talents, weaknesses, and objectives. Optimal health looks different for everyone, and a life coach can help you live purposefully according to your values.

Life coaching at my clinic is unique. Our resident life coach, Valerie Sharlin, has a wealth of health and neurology resources at her fingertips, including me, a dedicated team of board-certified dietitians, and neuro-fitness professionals.

Health is not one-dimensional – it is multi-faceted. There is no one magic ingredient or miracle cure. Instead, it’s about making small changes in all areas of your life. Working with a health and life coach is one piece of the broader health puzzle.

What are the benefits of a health and life coach?

Gain a fresh perspective

A health coach can help you see yourself, your life, and the challenges you face from a new, informed perspective. They can provide new insights, highlight behavioral patterns, and help you gain clarity on your situation.

Define your goals

What do you value? What are your big- and small-picture goals? What does success look like to you? Maybe you crave freedom – what precisely does that mean for you? A life coach helps you nail down your goals so that you can map out a pathway to success.

Learn strategies for success

Think of a life coach as the bridge between the life you have today and the life you want to lead. They might equip you with strategies to overcome fear, find time for your passions, or take incremental steps toward your aspirations.

Stay accountable

Knowing what you have to do to achieve your goals and live the lifestyle you want is one thing. It’s another to be consistent, to continue working on yourself in the long term. Wellness and lifestyle experts can help you stay accountable so that you can experience genuine progression and personal growth.

Case study: Meet Dawn

Dawn came to Sharlin Health and Neurology looking for answers about her health. With her family history of ALS weighing heavy on her mind, she had researched functional medicine and wanted to know more.

Her journey started with the Brain Tune Up! Intensive Program. My team and I helped her to identify environmental and lifestyle factors that could influence her risk of ALS, and the changes she needed to make. She took a deep dive into laboratory studies to understand her own unique biology and how to fix the imbalances that were discovered. 

When she met with Valerie, she discovered there were other things Valerie could offer that would help her achieve her goals, both personally and professionally. 

“[Valerie was] helping me create a path and a vision for my life that I didn’t know I needed,” Dawn said. “Nobody ever told me I needed a vision for my life. You just live, right?”

Valerie suggested that Dawn map out her life – not only her big-picture goals but also her day-to-day living. The work was not done for Dawn; instead, Valerie guided her through the process, supporting the journey and identifying fundamental values within her vision.

“The big thing I was after was freedom, to not have this strict schedule,” said Dawn. “I wanted freedom to connect with people.”

Valerie coached Dawn through several steps that empowered her to reorganize her work life and create a clear calendar. At first, Dawn was resistant. But as she put Valerie’s suggestions into practice, she had a revelation: she had more time in her day than she thought, and that time could give her the freedom to connect, enjoy the outdoors, and do the things she loves.

Valerie encouraged Dawn to flip the script. The things she enjoys come first, and everything else is scheduled around them.

“Almost every person says to me, ‘I just don’t have enough time to do that’,” said Valerie. “Well, you have time to take a shower, don’t you?”

Dawn’s experience with coaching has been life-changing.

“[Valerie has] definitely given me a lot of different ways of thinking, but what is probably the best part is [she has] given me actual things I can take action on that are easy for me,” said Dawn.

“I feel very positive about my future with my health and even my life. I tell my friends now, ‘I’ll never not have a life coach now. I’ve never had one before, but I’ll never not have one now.”

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