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MS Patient Ryan Shares His Journey

Brain Tune Up! Intensive MS Documentary Day 01 To Day 30

I am thrilled to share with you Ryan’s story, a documentation of Ryan’s MS (Multiple Sclerosis) treatment through my months long Brain Tune Up! Intensive MS program. Learn how you can change the trajectory of your health with my neurology and functional medicine based program aimed at treating the root cases of illness.

Brain Tune Up! Patient Testimonials

Recent Patients Share The Brain Tune Up! Experiences

I am excited to share with you this quick testimonial video of recent Brain Tune Up! Intensive patients as they share their experiences and results from my program. Showcased are testimonials for fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and chronic migraines in this video.

Dr. Terry Wahls & Dr. Ken Sharlin Video Blog Series

Dr. Terry Wahls & Dr. Ken Sharlin Discuss All Things Functional Medicine

I am thrilled to share with you my video blog series with my dear friend Dr. Terry Wahls. In this series we discuss a multitude of topics related to the benefits and advancements in functional medicine. Please click below to view our entire video blog series.

ALS Patient Testimonial

Ed Rapp Shares His Experience & Journey With ALS

Patient Ed Rapp shares his story of how his life changed when he was diagnosed with ALS. He offers insights into his experience with Sharlin Health and how my Brain Tune Up! program has left him with hope, more energy, more strength and most importantly the ability to live his life.

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