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As a neurologist, I conduct what’s called a neurological exam with my patients. This assessment has several components, each evaluating a different facet of our neurological health. First, I look at my patients’ mental status, including their alertness, memory, and mood. Next, I test their motor system, their strength, muscle tone, and bulk. I do a gait assessment. How do they get up from a seated position? Is their stance wide or narrow? And I conduct a sensory examination, which helps detect their ability to know where their body is in space, called proprioception.

These kinds of examinations are vital because they enable patients and their healthcare team to determine where within the nervous system the problem is localized, plan appropriate diagnostic testing, set a benchmark, and track their progress to actively quantify the results of their treatment journey.

If you don’t measure, you don’t know – that’s a truism we take to heart. That’s why our functional movement specialist, Pamela, and the team here at my clinic use our exclusive Neuro Fitness Assessment to personalize your training program.

The Neuro Fitness Assessment

Pamela Hernandez is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Movement Specialist. We designed our Neuro Fitness Assessment to measure functional movement as well as neuro-specific measures.

The tool assesses your lower body strength, balance, core stability, and posture – what Pamela calls the corrections of functional movement. The assessment also looks at your motor control, cognition, coordination, and speed.

The Neuro Fitness Assessment empowers the team to shape a personalized, results-focused strategy that meets you where you’re at. Based on the results of your assessment, your program will start at one of three levels.

  • Level one is all about key corrections. It’s about restoring your foundation so we can rebuild your strength and independence.
  • Level two means you have a solid foundation, and it’s time to work on movement patterns. The goal is to help you move through the world with greater ease.
  • Level three is where we start regeneration. The program can include higher intensity interval training with vigorous movements and more complex patterns.

Measuring your results

We all want to see improvements. Whether tending to our vegetable garden or training for a marathon, small wins keep us motivated. Our three-level system empowers you to make real gains, to see the impact your efforts have on your mind and body’s capabilities.

The assessment is not about “one-and-done”. It’s something we can return to periodically to track your results over time update your fitness program. If you are excelling in one area and lagging in another, the team can update where to focus their attention.

The assessment is not the only tool used to track your improvements. All workouts are tracked and the team is continuously fine-tuning their approach.

Making fitness accessible to you – whatever your lifestyle

I’m not fit enough to join an exercise class. I don’t have time to work on my fitness. My home is too small to set up a workout space.

If you don’t feel like you’re fit enough, we hear you. Our approach to Neuro Fitness is here to meet you exactly where you are at.

So many gyms are set up for people who are already fit, but our facility does things differently. Using our assessment and three-level system, Pamela and her team create a highly customized training strategy that is challenging and fun – not dreaded and awful.

If you don’t have time to spend an hour a day working out, that’s perfectly okay. Remember, your training sessions are personalized to fit into your lifestyle. Short, effective home workouts are Pamela’s specialty.

If you don’t live near our facility but don’t feel you have the space at home to train with us virtually, Pamela can devise an easy-to-follow, small-space regime.

Neuro Fitness is here to meet you where you are. We have invested in a wonderful camera and leading-edge virtual setup that allows people to experience our unique assessment and one-on-one sessions from anywhere. We even have our own app, where you’ll find your personalized homework and our comprehensive library of workouts, meditation tools and nutrition tracking.

Ready to get to try Neuro Fitness?

The best place to learn more about Neuro Fitness is our free private Facebook Group, Sharlin Health Neuro Fitness. The team offers a short workout every Wednesday and other informative links and videos throughout the week, including the crowd favorite – Brain Teaser Friday! It’s a great place to get to know my team, and you might even see my face there from time to time.

If you like what you see, you are welcome to schedule a free consultation and, from there, an assessment. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, our unique, individualized training program is available to you.

Movement really is medicine – it’s science. I encourage you to read about Parkinson’s disease and exercise , physical therapy, and other incredible studies that highlight the power of movement.

Schedule your consultation today

If you have any questions about our Neuro Fitness program, please don’t hesitate to reach out. My team and I are here to give you the answers you deserve, so you can take meaningful strides toward living the life you want.

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