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Why do you go to the doctor? It is probably because you have a problem, an illness or injury, or something about your health that is just not right. Your main goal is to get better. This is especially true regarding the brain and other parts of the nervous system. At Sharlin Health and Neurology, we help people with conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We believe our patients deserve bold options when it comes to the big stuff.

We’ve discovered that most people we talk to have not gotten what they want from their doctor. So, let’s talk about the five don’ts:

  • They don’t get the proper tests, and as a result,
  • They don’t get the correct diagnosis.
  • They don’t get their questions answered.
  • They don’t spend the time with the doctor that they expect, and
  • They don’t get offered a treatment plan that ultimately changes the trajectory of their illness, helps them heal, recover, or become the best versions of themselves.

This is the brick wall that is our current healthcare system, and it is very unsatisfactory.

There are many reasons why the five don’ts tell the truth about healthcare and how it is delivered. A big one is that too often we allow our health insurance to dictate the terms of our health. The costs are enormous. They include the monthly premiums, large deductibles, and copays, formularies that exclude the treatment that is best for us, the cost of treatment with drugs that are prescribed with no end in sight. The fact is that most drugs do not cure illness – they “manage it.” Tragically, we are often told we don’t have a choice. (That’s the sixth, don’t, but it’s not true. You do have a choice.)

Because of our customer centric focus, Sharlin Health and Neurology is thought by many to be the best neurology clinic near Springfield. We believe that the best healthcare begins with genuinely getting to know you and your health and offering you choices about the kind of healthcare you receive. We believe that the best healthcare should present all available options, including emerging diagnostic and therapeutics not found elsewhere. You should be the one to choose, not your insurance and not a big healthcare system. This means that we are not your traditional neurology clinic and are proud of this fact. We help people change their lives and health, even with conditions that too often good folks are told, “there’s nothing that can be done about it.” So, if you are wondering if you should see a neurologist, our Springfield clinic can help you understand all the reasons why you should!

How do we accomplish what we do? First and foremost, we are a clinic that cares about you as an individual. Dr. Sharlin and his team stay on top of emerging technologies and information that larger systems are slow to adopt. We take the time to listen. We accept health insurance for the role that it can play in some aspects of the healthcare journey. But we do not limit our decisions to what health insurance will cover or doesn’t cover, and neither should you. After all, this is your life, and we have not yet met anyone who believes that an insurance executive or government bureaucrat should determine how you receive the best healthcare that money can buy.

This is called a hybrid model. Join the movement. For example, many people are turning to concierge doctors that operate under a membership plan because they know that with this service, they can provide the best of both worlds when it comes to time and attention. Although Sharlin Health and Neurology is not a concierge practice, we align with the philosophy that drives this approach. We accept insurance for initial evaluations and the standard tests that would be done anywhere you would choose to go for a given problem. This includes basic blood work, nerve conduction tests, or brain wave tests. In addition, we offer a research quality option for MRI right here through our partner company, Sharlin Health Advanced Imaging. But as Dr. Sharlin often says, a test helps to identify the problem correctly, but no one gets better because of a test. The test is just the first step in a treatment plan.

The term hybrid comes in when we ask, what type of treatment plan do you want? It is not so much about money as it is about value. Every day, we spend our money on the things we believe bring us the most value. So why not put yourself or the person you love first when it comes to healthcare value? Have you ever purchased a car or truck and evaluated the options available to determine whether one upgrade or another improves your experience of that vehicle? It just makes sense that you would do the same regarding your health.

If you are contemplating seeing a neurologist here near Springfield, please consider that our patients come to us because they know there is a better way, where people genuinely get better. We’ve published the proof in a peer-reviewed journal, the largest case series ever of reversal of cognitive decline. That was four years ago, and we are still going strong.

We are considered one of the best neurology clinics near Springfield and beyond because our solutions don’t just mask symptoms or hold symptoms at bay. Those five don’ts, well, we don’t do any of them. Instead, we offer an approach that reverses symptoms, addresses environmental and lifestyle factors, and takes the deepest dive to see why our bodies are not working as they should, all the way down to the level of your cells and your genes. This part of the practice is the self-pay side of the hybrid model. Many of our patients see the value in paying out of pocket for services and options that help them change – not only their health – but their family’s health for generations to come. We make sure that you always know what the out-of-pocket expenses will be and that you genuinely want and need what you are paying for. There will never be a surprise cost to you. This goes from our most comprehensive Restore and Regenerate Package and our Complete Brain Tune Up! Program to a la carte options that include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, IV nutrition, peptide therapy, neuro fitness, functional nutrition, health coaching, and our private pharmaceutical-grade supplements to support your needs.

Should you see a neurologist? Call our Springfield clinic to see if we are a good fit, and schedule your initial consultation to start your journey to better health today.

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