How to treat magnesium, zinc, and B vitamin deficiencies in our Springfield clinic

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Are you wondering how to treat a magnesium deficiency? Our neurology clinic near Springfield, MO can help! After many years of testing patients in my Brain Tune Up! program , I discovered just how prevalent magnesium, zinc, and B vitamin deficiencies are – especially among those living with a neurological condition. And that’s not to mention people whose levels are below optimal but not technically deficient.
These vital nutrients support everything from cognitive function to healthy sleep, liver health, and protection against free radicals. So, I set out to make a difference.

I wanted to make the fight against magnesium, zinc, and B vitamin deficiency as easy as possible, so I formulated several science-backed supplements I call The Build collection. This group of supplements is suitable for most people as a preventive measure. For some, however, they can be game-changing.
Magnesium, zinc, and B vitamins are critical to overall health and well-being. So let’s take a deep dive into each of these nutrient powerhouses and explore how The Build series can help you live your best life today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


Magnesium is a big-hitter when it comes to our health. It stimulates electrical activity in the brain, aids the brain’s ability to process information, helps prevent memory-related issues, and encourages healthy, restorative sleep. It supports heart, insulin, and bone health, too.

Looking through a neurological lens, magnesium plays a critical role in nerve transmission and neuromuscular conduction. It protects against excessive excitation, which can result in excitotoxicity – neuronal cell death. This process has been implicated in the development of several neurological disorders.

Your magnesium level is connected to your stress level, too. The adverse effects of stress and low magnesium compound one another, leading to ongoing stress conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and migraines.

Unlike many magnesium supplements, my Neuro Mag Pro product delivers three high-powered forms of magnesium to guarantee optimal absorption, improve utilization, and ensure gastrointestinal comfort. I use Albion®’s magnesium amino acid chelate, which, in a study out of Weber State

University, demonstrated:

  • 8.8 times greater absorption than magnesium oxide
  • 5.6 times greater absorption than magnesium sulfate
  • 2.3 times greater absorption than magnesium carbonate

Who should incorporate magnesium into their daily routine?

With Sharlin Health near Springfield, you can learn how to treat a magnesium deficiency. If you have memory-related issues, you should certainly consider incorporating Neuro Mag Pro into your daily routine. Magnesium can also help if you want to sharpen your cognition, improve your sleep quality, or relieve stress-related conditions.


Zinc enhances immune function, decreases the risk of neurological disorders, and helps fight learning diseases. In addition, this essential mineral plays a central role in maintaining healthy tissue growth and boosting the level of antioxidants that protect your body against harmful free radical damage.
Unfortunately, about 1.1 billion people across the globe are zinc-deficient, often due to insufficient dietary intake. That’s where supplements come into play; however, many use inferior, cheap, and poorly absorbed rock-salt minerals that do little to curb deficiency.
My Neuro Zinc Pro  supplement contains an engineered amino acid chelate form of zinc called zinc glycinate. Zinc glycinate doesn’t ironize in your gut, and that means it’s absorbed at a higher rate and remains unaffected by dietary factors.

Who should incorporate zinc into their daily routine?

If you have a diet with low zinc levels, or if your doctor or nutritionist has recommended you take zinc supplements, Neuro Zinc Pro is the ideal choice for you.

B vitamins

B vitamins promote DNA repair, aid the production of brain neurotransmitters, and encourage healthy hearts and minds. My Neuro-Active B supplement contains several fundamental vitamins and minerals – let’s take a closer look.


Folate is a member of the B complex vitamins. It’s water-soluble and essential for methylation. Neuro Active B contains a bioactive form of folate called 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF), which helps produce mood-regulating neurotransmitters and supports DNA production and repair.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 works hand-in-hand with folate to support many of the body’s vital processes, including the synthesis of DNA and red blood cells and the overall health of the myelin sheath.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is an essential component in the production of proteins, supports neurotransmitters, and aids the formation of red blood cells. It’s also a critical player in the immune system’s function and can assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2 helps support normal blood pressure, especially if you have genetic mutations (MTHFR 677 > T polymorphism)  that affect folate absorption.

Betaine (trimethylglycine)

Trimethylglycine aids liver function, protects against fat build-up in the liver, and works together with B2, B6, B12, and folate to maintain normal homocysteine levels.

Who should incorporate B vitamins into their daily routine?

If you are hoping to boost your brain function and combat cognitive decline, my Neuro-Active B supplement is a fantastic choice.

Looking for tailored help and guidance?

Maybe you feel like your mind is not as sharp as it used to be. Perhaps you are having trouble sleeping or just feel fatigued for seemingly no reason. The right supplements certainly will help, but if you are looking to redirect the trajectory of your health, you might benefit from individualized guidance.

As a neurologist and functional medicine  doctor, I believe in patient-centered care. I see you as a person, a whole person with quirks, goals, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. Your health is far more dynamic and multi-dimensional than a series of symptoms, and the path to a higher quality of life is not as simple as band-aid solutions like medication.

Whether you are contemplating how to treat a Zinc or B12 deficiency, at my Springfield neurology clinic, I look for the root cause of your condition and, in partnership with you and my incredible team, devise an action-ready plan that will push you in the right direction.

Health and vitality are possible for you. Getting there will take work and dedication, but there is always hope. If you’d like to discuss your experience and struggles, reach out to my friendly team today and schedule an initial consultation. The answers you are looking for could be closer than you think.

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